• 45KM
  • August 10, 2024


  • 45KM
  • +1110m/-1110m
  • 50% single track, 45% fire trail, 5% road/path
  • 03:48:28 (MALE) 4:42:20 (FEMALE)
  • 4:00PM 
  • 6:30am
  • 7:30am


The sun will just be peeking over the ridgelines into Bobbin Head as the hardy 45km runners head out. Past the marina and alongside the serene Cowan Creek as the mist rises on the technical Warrimoo Track. Ignore the climb up to the Sphinx (that’s for later) and head across the creek and the steep climb up and onto the fire trail.

The first aid station soon appears, then down the road and along the grass verge behind the houses as you head toward the Wildflower Gardens. The fire trail drops down the hill, across a creek and then left onto more narrow single track (a signature of this course). Follow the single track to the turnaround point and then head back the way you came. Watch out through this section for runners coming towards you, give each other space, and a high five as you pass by.

Retrace your steps to the aid station, fill up with water and head back down the Warrimoo Track – this time turning left and onto the next out and back section. More narrow single track running, keep an eye out for the course markings in this area. Run around a narrow fire trail loop, along the back of the houses and head back out to the Warrimoo Track. Continue down the Warrimoo Track, back across the creek, and this time turn left for the stair-filled climb to The Sphinx aid station.

Now is the time your training will kick in, out through the Landings and turn right (the 12km and 22km runners turn left). If you’ve got the legs the fire trail will allow for faster running, out to the last power stanchion and out on the small single track. Quickly check out the views down to Bobbin Head and the finish – still a while to go until you get there!

Around the turnaround point and back along the fire trail, run behind some houses on the grass verge before hitting more fire trail. The track soon narrows again, and then widens past Golden Jubilee Oval and up to the last aid station. Your journey is nearly complete. Out along the top of the ridge for a while before dropping back to the single track, winding alongside the creek all the way back to the long-anticipated finish line at Bobbin Head and the feeling of a job well done!


Denotes Private Property. Access only permitted by arrangement with property owner on event day.


There are four marshalled aid stations on the 45km course:

  • 6KM
  • AID STATION 1 (Warrimoo Ave)
  • 15KM
  • AID STATION 1 (Warrimoo Ave)
  • 23.5KM
  • AID STATION 2 (The Sphinx)
  • 38KM
  • AID STATION 3 (Grosvenor Street)


International Trail Running Association

Jabulani Challenge is an accredited event with the International Trail Running Association (iTRA).

Finishers of the 45km course will earn 2 iTRA points (2 Mountain points) while finishers of the 22km course will earn 1 iTRA point (2 Mountain points). Some trail running events, especially in Europe and North America, require runners to have a certain number of iTRA points (or Mountain points) to qualify for these events.

As an accredited iTRA event the Jabulani Challenge will also contribute to all finishers ‘Performance Index’. Some trail running events use this ‘Performance Index’ to determine start waves or similar.

UTMB World Series Index

Jabulani Challenge 45km and 22km events are also UTMB® World Index Races.

A UTMB Index race contributes towards every Finishers UTMB Index in the corresponding category (20K, 50K, 100K or 100M) and gives runners access to the UTMB World Series Events or Majors.

Finishing a UTMB Index race will contribute towards your UTMB Performance Index. However, it will not provide Running Stones which are mandatory to enter the UTMB Mont-Blanc lottery for the World Series Finals.