Saturday 6th April 2019
Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, NSW




ThermaTech offers a comprehensive technical range of thermoregulating sports, thermal and outdoor apparel, socks and sports accessories that are functional, durable and reliable for everyday performance and outdoor recreational use at an affordable price.

The underlying principle behind ThermaTech is  “Thermoregulating” (temperature control) and ”Technical” apparel. Hence “ThermaTech: Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer and Dry all year round”.


Altra Footwear

Altra are the only shoe company to provide a cushioned Zero Drop™ platform and FootShape™ toe box, which means this innovative combo promotes low-impact technique and allows your feet to remain in a natural, relaxed position across every terrain.

Tailwind Nutrition


All you need, all day. Really!!

Tailwind nutrition is a total source of fuel, electrolytes and hydration specifically designed for endurance athletes.
Easy to mix, hydration pack friendly and a taste that you wont get sick of. By using all natural ingredients, Tailwind mimics your sweat loss and replaces those vital electrolytes.
No more pills, gels, bars, chews, you can go all day with Tailwind!! Really!! 


Go Natural

At Go Natural, it’s always about food that tastes great – good food, real food, whole food. Go Natural products have been created in much the same way as we prepare food at home – keeping it simple to maximise flavour and natural goodness. With a range of bars including nut snacks, protein bars and grain bar & slices there’s sure to be something that takes your fancy.