Saturday 7th April 2018
Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, NSW

The Cause & Fundraising

Jabulani means “be happy”

Helping disadvantaged children is the focus of the Jabulani Challenge.

The Cause

The funds raised support a wonderful charity, the Stellenbosch Community Development Programme

  • founded and run by volunteers
  • focused on children
  • niche based charity making a real difference

Please click on the link on the right for more information


This is a fundraising event for the Stellenbosch Community Development Programme in South Africa which does fantastic work feeding and helping to develop over 1,800 kids a day.

Jabulani means “be happy” in Zulu and we hope everyone will encourage friends and colleagues to donate to support this great cause. Check out the link, you will be amazed by what a small number of volunteers can achieve with a little support (the funds raised from the Jabulani Challenge feed about 300 kids for a year!).

To donate go to